Winedale, TEXAS

By Melissa Leon

Shakespeare at Winedale

Event on: July 13

Shakespeare at Winedale is an educational program, not an arts organization or professional theatre. All of the elements of the program are intended to promote an understanding and appreciation of the works of Shakespeare, and of their extraordinarily complex and penetrating vision of human life. Students at Winedale develop, test and transcend their sense of self through their exploration of Shakespearean characters. Audiences come to Winedale to share, not the polished product of a professional Shakespeare festival, but the excitement of risk-taking and discovery. What the Winedale approach to Shakespeare brings—to the Globe in London or the projects of East Austin—is the conviction that anyone can live life more fully through a personal encounter with Shakespeare’s art.

James Loehlin on Shakespeare and the Forces of Nature

Actors from Winedale speakinging some of their favourite lines

Time Out – Some Reflections on Shakespeare at Winedale by Paul Prescott

Winedale Villanelle

Waking up in Austin one Midsummer Morning

That Winedale Feelin’ : Liz Fisher talks about why Shakespeare at Winedale was a life-changing experience

Johnny Shakespeare Seed: Clayton Stromberger, Director of Outreach, takes the Winedale experience into Texan schools

Shakespeare in Texas has a long history, as James Loehlin, director of the Shakespeare at Winedale program, discusses in this podcast…

‘Did you hear the President resigned?’ Shakespeare at Winedale actor Chris Jordan on the unique atmosphere of Round Top and the surrounding area

‘This Life is Most Jolly’: Young actors reflect on one of the best summers they’ve ever known

Answering the Call… Veteran Shakespeare at Winedale fan Tom Douglas on very special atmosphere and ethos of the summer programme and its unusually early-rising actors…

Snakes-Spear!!!! Actors from Shakespeare at Winedale terrify the interviewer with animal anecdotes…

The Barn that Doc Built: Listening to a visionary in his special space…
















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