New Orleans, LOUISIANA

By Melissa Leon

New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane

Event on: July 11

The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane is committed to reimagining, rebuilding and engaging The Gulf South region through the works and words of William Shakespeare. By an intermingling of artistic and educational programs, the Festival seeks to create a center of entertainment and learning that speaks both through the greatest plays of the English language and one of the great cities of The United States.



Professor Michael Kuczynski of Tulane University Reflects on Shakespeare Productions and Politics

Shakespearean Zen: Donald Lewis remembers a Shakespearience…

NOLA Shakespeare: Clare Moncrief talks about Hurricane Katrina, Tennessee Williams, and the Political Power of Shakespeare

A poem for Clare Moncrief and Chaney Tullos, and the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane

NOLA Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Katrina and Jazz

Barack Obama and Lincoln’s Assassination: Chaney Tullos recalls presidential encounters…

The Lion’s Part: Burton Tedesco as Snug the Joiner at the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane

Paul Robeson in New Orleans: Matt Anderson of Tulane University Tells a Little Known Tale about the Great Paul Robeson

Bursting with Knowledge and Enthusiasm: long-time audience member speaks from the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane

Thought for the Day from New Orleans…

Danny Bowen reflects on playing Oberon and Theseus in New Orleans

Ruby Lou Smith on playing Helena in New Orleans

Seeing the Reduced Complete Works in New Orleans…


63 days – 38 shows – 22 Shakespeare Plays – doing the math in a thunderstorm…










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